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What can your business accomplish this year?

This year, a fresh start is the name of the game.

We learned a lot about overcoming challenges in 2020. This year, businesses find themselves working within new guidelines and seeking ways to run smarter, healthier, safer businesses.

The Rentokil family of companies can help you solve any challenges that come your way this year. We are committed to protecting people and your business from risk; creating smarter, healthier spaces where people can live, work and play safely; and verifying your processes to ensure your ideal brand experience every time.

Protect Your People & Your Property

Create Smarter, Healthier Spaces

Deliver Your Ideal Brand Experience

Webinars: Designing Your Roadmap to a Safer, Smarter Place of Business

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7 Strategies for Smarter, Healthier Spaces

On-Demand Webinar
60 minutes

Wellness has been a growing business trend for years. But now the convergence of COVID-19 and awareness of hygiene in public spaces means that organizations must do even more. Don’t miss this exciting new webinar that uncovers 7 strategies to create smarter, healthier work spaces for your consumers and employees. Our top global design and innovation experts will give you the key health, hygiene, and safety elements that people are now looking for, along with practical actions you can execute to build trust and inspire confidence in your business.

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Protecting Your Business Property: Must Know Pest Trends for the Next Normal

On-Demand Webinar
60 minutes

It is more critical than ever for businesses to understand the threat that pest issues pose for their employees, facility, and products. This informative webinar will cover all you need to know about pest behaviors, emerging pests, and environmental factors as we enter the next normal. Hear from our top pest experts as they discuss 7 key pest trends that will be important for 2021 and how to build a strong integrated pest management program that can evolve and change with your facility's needs.

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Woman employee with mask looking through window at a store with open sign

Delivering Your Brand Experience in Times of Change: 4 Lessons from Restaurants

On-Demand Webinar
60 minutes

Consumers are specifically seeking out brands they can trust to meet their new expectations for health and safety. In Steritech’s new webinar, our experts explore 4 real-world case studies from the restaurant industry. You will get an inside look into how businesses were able to increase consistency, adopt new processes, enhance safety, and realize cost savings Whether you operate a retail store or healthcare facility, you will walk away with a greater vision for your brand experience in 2021.

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Helping you plan for anything

Are your spaces clean, hygienic, protected, and in compliance with public health guidelines?

How can you help your employees stay healthy, productive and happy?

Do your customers trust that your space is safe?

Does your environment help attract new staff?

Be prepared with the right team of partners

There’s no telling what opportunities—or challenges—will present themselves in 2021. Have a plan in place, no matter what arises. Complete this form and one of our experts will contact you to get started.

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About the Rentokil family of companies

The Rentokil family of companies can help you solve any challenges that come your way this year. As a trusted global provider, we deliver the expert products and services you need to run a safer, smarter, healthier business. Backed by science and subject matter expertise, innovative technology, and data, our world-class, full-service solutions include:

  • Pest control and disinfection programs from Rentokil
  • Hygiene, plants, and scenting services from Ambius
  • Safety and quality assessments from Steritech

Whether you’re a small business looking to stand out from the competition or a multi-location national operation seeking a single-source provider, the Rentokil family of companies has the local presence and the global expertise to help you proactively address your needs head-on.